Managing Reasons

Reasons are presented on the transfer request form to individuals submitting a transfer request. There are two kinds of reasons: internal transfer reasons and external transfer reasons. Internal transfer reasons are presented when the individual is requesting a transfer within your district (intra-district). External transfer reasons are presented to individuals wishing to transfer into your district from another district (inter-district). The steps for adding/managing transfer reasons are the same for both types of transfer reasons.

Navigate to Reasons

Add/Edit a Reason

To add a new reason, click on the green plus symbol in the upper right corner of the reason type. To edit an existing reason, click on the pencil symbol next to an existing reasons.

Describe the Reason

Once you are adding or editing a reason, there are three fields you need to populate: title, description, active.

  • Title - The title is presented to the user submitting a transfer request
  • Description - Provides additional details to the user about the reason
  • Active - When enabled the reason is visible to the user on the form.

Once you have populated the above information, click "Save" and your reason will be saved - and visible to users if you made the reason active.

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