Managing School Years

School Years allow you to group transfer requests for a given year. They are important to establish so that parents can select a school year that they want the transfer to apply. They are also important for establishing the end of the school year; this date is used when sending inter-district renewal reminders to parents.

Navigate to School Years

Add or Edit a School Year

To add a new school year, click on the green plus symbol in the top right of the screen. To edit an existing school year, click on the pencil next to the school year.

Populate or Update a School Year

  • Start Year - The year the school year starts
  • Expiration date - The end of the school year. This date is used when sending the email reminder for parents with expiring transfers (inter-district transfers).
  • Active - Setting a school year to active allows parents to select the school year on the transfer request form.

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