Policy Terms

Policy terms are presented to individuals when submitting a transfer request. Individuals submitting a transfer request must initial each policy term before they are able to submit the transfer request. They are a great way to ensure that parents/guardians are explicitly aware of your district transfer policies.

There are two types of policy terms: internal (intra-district) and external (inter-district). Internal policy terms are presented to individuals making a transfer request from one school to another within your district. External policy terms are presented to individuals requesting to transfer a student from another district into your district.

Navigate to Policy Terms

Add or Edit Policy Term

To add a new policy term, select the green plus symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. To edit an existing policy term, click the pencil next to the policy term you wish to edit.

Populate the policy term fields

  • Term - the policy term presented to the individual submitting the transfer request
  • Active - an active policy term is presented to individuals submitting a transfer request

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