Managing Schools

Schools are imported on a daily basis from the California Department of Education official list of schools and so there is no need to add or remove schools. The only action generally needed with a school is to provide its local identifier and its visibility status.

Note: sometimes it is necessary to add a school that does not exist on the CDE official list of schools. In these cases, submit a support request and we will create a school for you. When submitting a request be sure to provide the name, local identifier, CDS code, and whether the school site should be visible to individuals submitting transfer requests.

Navigate to Schools

Edit School - Update Local Identifier and Visibility

To edit a school's local identifier, ability to review transfers, or visibility click on the pencil next to the school.

  • The local identifier is the identifier used within your district to uniquely identify the school site. This is normally generally known within a district but if you do not know the local identifier for a site contact your district IT department.
  • To enable a site to directly review transfers, select "Reviews transfers". 
  • Visibility is used to make the school site selectable on the transfer form.

Mass Update Visibility

You can also mass update school site visibility by selecting the school sites and clicking on Update visibility. This is helpful during times that you only want a limited number of schools visible for transfers

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