Reviewing Students

Most users in Attend have access to students through the students menu. The main students view presents the current enrollments of students the user has access to. In the above screenshot, Emma can see students currently enrolled at Abraham Lincoln Elementary.

The students view presents 9 key aspects about student performance with respect to attendance:

  • Student Name
  • Student Status - current absence-related status of the student
  • Year - school year
  • Grade - grade during the enrollment period
  • Sites - school sites the student was enrolled at for the current year
  • Absences - total number of absences for the current year
  • YTD Rate - year to date absence rate
  • SART Rate - post SART absence rate
  • SARB Rate - post SARB absence rate
  • DA Rate - post DA mediation absence rate

The students view defaults to the current school year, however you can view students across multiple school years by applying filters.

Student Filter

The student filter allows you to focus on students depending on several criteria including:

  • Truancy (At Risk) Level
  • School year - you can view students across multiple years
  • Grade
  • Minimum and maximum absences
  • Minimum and maximum absence rates
  • Sites - you can select from the sites you have access to

The filter remains applied to allow you to work on the students for the criteria you defined.

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