Student Records

General Student Record Orientation

The student record is organized into roughly seven areas:

  1. Student Information - general student information including student number, birthdate, etc
  2. Overall Absence Rate - the overall year-over-year absence rate for the student
  3. Interventions - interventions scheduled and tracked for the student
  4. Parent/Guardian Information
  5. List of Absences per Enrollment - the list of absences pulled from the student information system
  6. Notifications - the list of notifications that have been generated for the student
  7. Absence info for the Year - post intervention rates and year to date absence rate for the given school year

Absence Information

In addition to general student information, the student record contains significant absence information:

  1. Overall Absence Rate - the lifetime absence rate for the student (for all student data provided to Attend)
  2. Post intervention rate - the post intervention rate for a given student intervention. Note, post absence rates are not calculated for student conferences
  3. Enrollment absence rate - the absence rate for the enrollment at a particular site
  4. Year Absence Rate - provides a summary of post intervention rates and the overall year to date absence rate for the given year

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