Schedule a SART Intervention

SARTS are performed by school sites. As such, site managers and above can schedule SART sessions for a given site.

Select the SART session intervention

Provide the SART Session Details

Note, SART session details can be shared on the notification templates. Once you provide the details for the SART session, click on Save and the intervention will be saved to a draft state.

SART Session in Draft State

When you first create a SART session, it will be saved in draft state. This is done to allow you time to make changes before notifications are generated or sent. To approve the SART Session, click on the SART session link.

Approve SART Session

Approving the SART session will generate and send notifications and the information will be sent to your student information system (if configured).

SART Session Approved and Scheduled

Once approved, notifications will be generated and available to review. Generating the physical letter will take a few moments and you will need to refresh the SART session to view the letter.

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