School Years

School years are one of the most important underlying concepts in Attend. The information contained within a school year affects all calculations for every student. It is very important that once the school year is set that you try not to make changes as all students and interventions will be affected.

Manage School Years

School years are contained within the Admin menu. To add a school year click on the three dots next to school years. To edit a school year, click on the three dots next to the school year you wish to modify.

Define the correct start and end dates for the school year and whether it is active or not.

Define non-School Days

Once you have defined the start and end date of the school year, you need to define holidays and other non-school days. These days will help define the total number of school days that is used in calculating absence rates. Note, weekends will automatically be removed from the calculations and so you do not need to define weekends.

To define non-school days, click on the link under the holidays column. Note, when you first create a school year you will see "0 holidays".

Define a Holiday (non-school days)

You can create a non-school day by clicking on the 3 dots next to holidays or you can click on the date in the calendar.

Define the name of the day, the date, and click save. Repeat this process for all non-school days in the school year.

As you define non-school days, the calendar will be populated with the days. You can also use the list view to see all of the non-school days in an easy to view list.

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