Letter Templates

In similar fashion to email templates, K12 Transfers allows you to generate highly customizable PDFs for transfer decisions that you can download and print. The letters can be generated on demand and batched for daily delivery to a staff member that then prints the PDF files for delivery to parents. You can generate PDF files in English and Spanish. This article covers creating a letter template.

Template Types

Before walking through the creation of a letter, here is a quick summary of the letters you can generate

Transfer Type Template Trigger Description
Intra-District Transfer Approved Approve a request to transfer between schools in your district
Intra-District Transfer Rejected Deny a request to transfer between schools in your district
Inter-District Incoming Approved Approve a student requesting to transfer into your district
Inter-District Incoming Rejected Deny a student requesting to transfer into your district
Inter-District Outgoing Rejected Deny a request for a student to transfer out of your district to another district
Inter-District Transfer Expiring Send a reminder to parents that they need to renew an inter-district transfer

Create or Edit a Template

Select Letter templates in the Admin menu.

Select the Trigger Type and Locale (Language)

The trigger is the event that occurs that generates the template. The locale is the language of the template. When you define multiple languages for each trigger, a letter for each language is generated on a new page. Currently, English (en) and Spanish (es) are supported.

Write Letter Content

You have many options for customizing the look and feel of the template including customizing fonts, alignments, and adding images.

You can also reference many transfer variables including student name, student address, parent name, etc. To see all of the variables you can access, click on the relevant information you would like to use in the right hand "Variables" section. Most variables are referenced by surrounding the variable with double braces. For example,


will print the student's first name when you generate the PDF. To see all of the templating options, please reference the Full Documentation for the templating system.

Click "Save" once you are done creating your template.

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