Configuring Letter Delivery

You can set up K12 Transfers to batch and deliver pdf letters to you on a daily basis that you can then print in bulk. Only letters with templates defined will be batched and delivered.

Configure Letter Delivery

Select Letter Config in the Admin Menu.

Configure the Delivery of an Template

To modify the batching of a template, click on the pencil icon for the template you wish to configure.

Set the Schedule, Destination Emails, and Prefer e-mail

Batch delivery of letters can occur once a day. Letters are batched between days. For example, if you were to select Monday and Thursday then letters batched on Thursday would be for events that occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The next field is the destination emails. These are the individuals that should receive the batched letters to print.

The final field to select is "prefers e-mail." If this field is selected, letters will not be generated for parents that have provided a valid email address. In an effort to save paper and postage, prefers e-mails is true by default.

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