Managing special needs transfer requests

When a transfer is requested for a student with special needs, the district special education department usually becomes in involved to determine if the site requested in the transfer has the capacity to support the student. In K12 Transfers, special education departments can verify a site's capacity directly within K12 Transfers eliminating the need for emails, spreadsheets, phone calls, etc.

Add a Special Education Admin

The first step in having the special education department verify capacity is to add a Special Education Admin. To do that, add a user as you normally would and make them a special education admin.

Once they have been added, they will be able to view any transfer special needs related transfer request.

View Incoming and Internal Transfers

When a Special Education Admin signs in, they see a dashboard of transfers with special needs.

View Special Education Status

Clicking into the dashboard allows the special education admin to review each student. Transfer requests with a green check have been reviewed and approved by special education. Transfer requests with a timer (or clock) image need to be reviewed. Transfer requests with a red "X" have been reviewed and indicate the that requested site does not have capacity to support the student. A special education admin can mass approve/reject requests or approve/reject one-by-one.

Review the Transfer Request

Clicking into the transfer record allows the special education admin to review the transfer details. The special education admin scrolls down to the Special Programs section to approve or reject the transfer. This approve/rejection only applies to the special education component of the transfer and the broader transfer still needs to be reviewed by the district.

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